Hofbauer Cases

We stock a wide range of plastic cases manufactured by Hofbauer in the UK. Hofbauer cases are known for their durability and style. Each sub-range has distinctive qualities and design. Us the buttons below to learn more about all of the plastic carrying cases available, or get in touch to discuss customisation options - from screen printing to custom foam.

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Dimension 1030

435mm x 320mm x 112mm

Dimension 1032

439mm x 310mm x 137mm

Megabag 1000

400mm x 290mm x 140mm

Megabag 2000

471mm x 346mm x 130mm

Megabag 3000

469mm x 344mm x 155mm

Megabag 4000

469mm x 344mm x 180mm

Minibag 1

222mm x 145mm x 40mm

Minibag 2

258mm x 178mm x 45mm

Minibag 3

319mm x 225mm x 49mm

Minibag 4

338mm x 229mm x 79mm

Multibag 1

325mm x 220mm x 69mm

Multibag 2

325mm x 220mm x 94mm