Rose Plastic Cases

Plastic sample cases manufactured by Rose Plastic UK, available with free next day UK delivery through The Case Farm. These simple cases can be customised with screen printing, decals and custom foam, making them a great option for anyone looking for a product presentation case.

The Rose Plastic product lines include the ErgoLine case range and the ProTec case range.

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Ergoline 125 M

180mm x 125mm x 42mm

Ergoline 155 M

225mm x 155mm x 53mm

Ergoline 175 M

255mm x 175mm x 60mm

Ergoline 195 M

284mm x 195mm x 66mm

Ergoline 220 M

320mm x 220mm x 78mm

Ergoline 250 M

365mm x 250mm x 90mm

Ergoline 290 L

421mm x 290mm x 132mm

Ergoline 290 M

421mm x 290mm x 100mm

Ergoline 290 ML

421mm x 290mm x 116mm

ProTec 105 M

175mm x 105mm x 35mm

ProTec 136 M

228mm x 136mm x 42mm

ProTec 161 L

244mm x 161mm x 66mm