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Whether you’re looking for a protective carry case for your VR equipment whilst on the go, or the perfect solution for your VR storage needs, browse our selection of VR cases to find the perfect protective solution for your specific VR model.

Invest in a protective VR case with a waterproof and dustproof exterior

Our VR cases come with an IP67 rating, which not only means that they are fully dustproof, but they are also completely waterproof when immersed in water up to a 1m depth. It’s these additional protective properties that make our quality cases ideal for VR storage, or for keeping your VR kit safe and sound during its travels.

Protective foam inserts specific to your VR model

Our rugged VR cases come paired with protective foam inserts that are cut to fit your specific VR model. This unique foam cutting system allows your model and additional VR accessories to sit in their own individual slots within the protective case. The case and foam combo provides the utmost protection from any bumps or bangs that the case is subjected to.

Travel easily with our VR carry cases

Each of our protective VR cases come equipped with a handy retractable handle and optional wheels, which makes travelling with your VR equipment as safe and simple as possible. Travel rest assured your VR kit can make a smooth transition with you from A to B, without the worry of having to lug your expensive equipment and without the risk of potentially damaging drop and falls.