Storage ideas for small spaces

We’re all guilty of continuously buying items that we do not have the room for. Many professionals live in flats and houses with limited space, and a family home can soon become overrun with toys and kitchen appliances!

This guide offers unique storage ideas for small spaces, suitable for any budget. Good storage facilities can completely change how you and visitors see your home and making the most of your storage space can help to make your entire home feel less cluttered and more efficient.

Make use of hallway space

A hallway is the perfect space to hide away household items you don’t want cluttering up the home. Tall wardrobe style shoe cabinets are great for storing endless pairs of shoes (obviously) and any other items you feel don’t belong in any of the other rooms. If you have a staircase in your hallway, consider a custom designed cabinet to make the most of the extra space.

In this little space, these cupboards offer a functional option. You can make the most of every inch of space by combining a tall cupboard with two deep drawers and a tiny countertop for keys and mail.

Stack boxes in the bedroom

Out-of-season clothing can be stored in boxes with labels on them so you know exactly what’s inside. Stack them in the corners of the room or any additional wardrobe space you might have. If you want to try and conceal this type of storage, you could dress the boxes with plants or ornaments, or better still, use fabric covers as curtains if you’ve been able to store them away in cupboards.

Reorganise kitchen storage

Smart storage doesn’t always suggest that everything needs to be hidden away. Keep tableware and kitchen equipment arranged on a long shelf and in open boxes on the work surface so they’re easy to get to while cooking. Even better, having kitchen appliances on show will make you look like a culinary whizz, which is always a bonus when you have guests over.

Clear the floor area

In small areas, clutter can be a continual battle, but innovative storage solutions can help keep your rooms tidy and serene. To get precious space to stash essentials, try the following strategy: For open storage, hang small cubes or rectangular shelf units on the wall. You don’t need to allow extra clearing space around the units because there are no doors to open and close. A wall-mounted light fixture illuminates the room and more importantly keeps tabletops free for books, drinks etc.

Make use of vertical spaces

For small spaces, vertical storage, such as behind-the-door storage, is a sensible solution. Those valuable square feet can be put to good use, especially when it comes to keeping small goods that might otherwise clutter up rooms. Over to door hanging wire baskets are an inexpensive way to store smaller items such as hair dryers or deodorants.

Jewellery storage

Even in larger settings, small goods like jewellery and makeup can be difficult to store. An organiser with evenly sized compartments may not be the ideal choice because pieces of jewellery often have a variety of elements in varied sizes. Look for extra storage locations on the walls to save important drawer and shelf space.

Use pins or hooks to hang necklaces and bracelets on an empty frame covered in cork or a metal sheet with artistic holes. Attach magnets to the backs of each makeup product and place them vertically on a framed magnetic board for makeup.

Storage solutions with The Case Farm

The Case Farm offers a variety of storage solutions for small spaces such as durable watch cases and toolboxes suitable for a range of needs and budgets. Have you heard about our easy DIY custom foam service? Trace your tools, peel away the excess foam and place your inserts into a toolbox, case or drawer. The ideal simple storage solution for your tools.

Our team is on hand to answer any of your storage queries, please get in touch with us via our contact form.

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