Storage tips for touring musicians and audio professionals

Storage tips for touring musicians and audio professionals

Touring is certainly no walk in the park when you’re a touring musician or audio professional. When it comes to preparing for that big show, you have to ensure that the production is spot on, the choreography is internalised, and the vocal cords are sharp. Speaking of that tour checklist, you’d probably think that the concept of storage is not a significant issue compared to other logistics, but it is! After all, you have to take good care of the tools that accompany you on stage. Speaking of which, have a read of this important storage tips guide.

Large instruments

If you are taking a large instrument such as a piano with you on tour, sensible storage is key. When travelling with your piano, be sure that its keyboard lid is locked and any moveable parts are secured. As well as this, ensure that your large instrument is wrapped in plenty of sheets and bubble wrap, with a special emphasis on the leg and pedals. Pianos themselves are extremely heavy in size, so consider hiring a professional mover to make sure that your instrument survives the bus journey while on tour.

Stringed instruments

Similarly, stringed instruments require careful storage due to their delicacy. Before taking your guitar away on tour with you, make sure that its strings are loosened, as cold temperatures will tighten them and cause them to snap. When it comes to storage, make sure that your instrument is transported in a protective hard case. A guitar case with foam padding will offer extra protection.

Brass and wood instruments

Unlike stringed instruments, brass and woodwind instruments are typically quite strong, but it’s still important to ensure that they are stored away in a suitable case. When packing these pieces away for the big tour, dissemble these instruments and wrap each piece separately. As mentioned before, try to invest in a storage box that offers foam protection for your instrument. Furthermore, before you store your pieces away, ensure that they are cleaned and conditioned. After all, they have to shine on stage!

Percussion instruments

In comparison to other instruments, percussion instruments (including drums and xylophones) are relatively simple to take care of when you’re travelling with them. This is mainly because such pieces do not have to be disassembled before storage. When packing away a drum, it is advised that you buy a box that is slightly larger than the instrument. This box should have padding at the top, bottom and sides.

Electrical instruments

Whether you’re storing away an electric guitar or keyboard, cleaning your piece before the storage process is crucial. For a guitar, clean the outside of its shell with a damp cloth to eliminate dirt and smudges. Make sure to do the same for your keyboard to get rid of any dirt from the keys. Like with a classic guitar, your electric guitar strings must be relaxed before you store it in its preferably custom foam case.

When it comes to storing your electronic keyboard, ensure that the suspension cord is removed to prevent your keyboard from being scratched during travel. As well as this, to reduce levels of dust, consider covering the keys with a white cotton cloth when inside its case. Just remember that when electric items are involved, extra care is needed when it comes to storage – think padding, and lots of it!

Technical equipment

Last but not least, a tour simply cannot happen without supporting technical equipment. Whether it’s microphones, recorders or general camera equipment, it’s so important for such supplies to be stored away properly. You may think your equipment is fine to be carried away in a shoulder bag, but it’s far more effective to store your gear in a protective custom foam case.

How we at The Case Farm can help you

At The Case Farm, our very own workshop team can provide you with custom cut foam inserts that safely store away your musical instruments and camera equipment. Whether you’re looking for microphone foam inserts, or foam padding for your guitar case, our team will listen to your requirements and provide you with the best protective storage solutions.

DIY Custom Foam

A recent innovation within our comprehensive service offering is our DIY custom foam inserts. Part of the Easy Peel product line, our new service puts the control back into your hands. All you do is provide us with your exact specifications using our calculator page, and we’ll give you an instant quote. Then, simply complete your order and your inserts will arrive ready for you to ‘peel’ away. Your readymade inserts are then good to go! To help, we have a Foam Tutorials section.

If you have any questions at all about our products, do not hesitate to contact our dedicated team today. In the meantime, be sure to stay in touch with our blog on the best ways to use and protect your gear.

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