The strangest stock photos you will ever see…

Cookie Glasses
Stock images are everywhere nowadays. Many online, some in publications and even more that you would never even notice. Well except or these ones, you wouldn’t forget these in a hurry…   1.Did you remember your receipts? Bored and Frustrated Business Gorilla in the Office   2.It helps me concentrate, honest.. Young Business Boy Wearing Dog Collar   3.A love story as old as time.. bad-stock-photos-19-1371224808-view-0   4.Blocking out the haters like… marketing_automation_lesson7   5.Better than watching The Voice… slide_278082_2049387_free   6.Windy in the south, with a small chance of Krispie Kremes sweeping across the north west. slide_300870_2526436_free   7.”I have done this loads of times before, don’t worry…” slide_310429_2745272_free   8.Good cop, bad cop… tumblr_o5hb132LNf1qakqfvo1_400     Image Source: Shutterstock Getty Images

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