Student toolbox essentials

September marks the beginning of a new chapter in the lives of thousands of young adults, and it’s critical to be prepared – not just for assignments but also in case you need to change a lightbulb or assemble a bookshelf for all the extra reading you’ll be doing.

If you find yourself on the world wide web researching student toolbox essentials, you might be greeted by a selection of books on how to write better. Luckily, this guide is a touch more hands-on and practical. So let’s dive into our top-rated and highly anticipated tools for students this year!

1. Screwdriver

Number one on our list is a screwdriver. This noble steed is truly reliable – depending on whether you study a practical course or not, you never know when you might need to tighten a few loose screws.

2. Hammer

Don’t forget that units come loose every now and again, and the weight of a shoe to fix something is extremely unproductive. Hammers are cheap and can be stowed away in the kitchen out of harm’s way.

3. Torch

Whilst this may feel like an unforeseen candidate for a toolbox, having a torch available comes in handy when you’ve lost something or you find yourself around the back of the telly trying to connect a million and one things in a dark space.

4. Extension cords

Leading us nicely onto the next essential which is extension cords. It is rare that when you first view your student accommodation you get to find out how many sockets there are in your room, therefore, come prepared with extension cords and you’ll be plugged-in in no time.

5. Pliers

The all-around helping hand that opens jars, pulls things apart. Pliers are a must-have in any toolbox because they can be used for a variety of tasks around the house.

6. Utility knife

Don’t blunt your kitchen knives! This could come in the form of a multi-tool Swiss-army knife or a Stanley knife. Either way, it is always handy to have one available for opening packages, or doing odd DIY projects, or arts and crafts.

Additional extras

Whilst you’ll likely not find yourself renovating your student accommodation, be sure to pick up some duct tape, sellotape and Blue-Tac for hanging art and doing odd repairs on everyday items.

Add a personal touch to your room

You might find that your landlord might not let you put posters and memorabilia directly onto the wall, so grab a floating pin board with pins and add your own touch to the wall – these can be propped up on top of a desk or a wardrobe so you don’t need to attach anything to the wall. Check out our guide to student-friendly DIY projects for more exciting ways to make your new house a home.

Cycling around campus?

Getting around as a student can be costly, that’s why many opt for a pushbike to get from lectures to the library, to the pub! Make sure you have a standard bike repair kit, that includes: Inner tubes and patches, tyre lever, pump, multitool, and a quick-release chain link.

Protect your tools with The Case Farm

If you need somewhere to store your first tool kit, be sure to get your hands on a toolbox for added protection and to keep other people out. For an additional layer of protection, why not consider lining your toolbox with DIY foam – allowing you to cut out and pull out each individual shape per tool. Equally, get in touch with our team, and we can assist you with our custom foam service, more precise with an exceptional finish!

If you’re curious about the world of DIY, head over to our blog for more hints and tips!


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