The best toolbox setups that will make your life easier

As with many things in life: it’s not the tools you have, it’s how you use them that really counts. The same goes for the phrase “don’t blame your tools”. Phrases aside, we thought that it might be helpful to share some of our favourite toolbox setups. These are setups that are not only convenient but can guarantee that you will get the most out of your toolbox and the tools you’re using.

You could have the best and most expensive tools out there, but with poor toolbox organisation and an unhelpful setup, you’d be wasting a lot of time and money. We’re taking inspiration from the much-loved Tool Box Wars on Instagram. If you’ve not yet delved, it’s high time you did – a whole world awaits you. Here are the best setups in the UK, from the fine people at Tool Box Wars. You should get more than a few toolbox organisation ideas from this lot.

Classic tool roll setup

This here is an ingenious setup that is perfect if you want something that does the job while looking really, really cool. Although Carhartt is a brand that has long slid into hipsterdom, it still retains its blue-collar legacy as a staple for working life. From overalls and work jackets to cargo gear and trucker caps, Carhartt guarantees high quality products that will serve you well. The classic tool roll ensures your tools are snug and safe while allowing you to transport them with total ease. As we’ve said, it looks pretty cool as well.

With two durable buckle clasps and an impressive water-repellent polyester exterior, this tool roll will gladly go into battle with you.


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Take inspiration from these mesh pockets

Traditional, yet modern. Simple, but groundbreaking. This toolbox setup has it all, and we’re big fans of those mesh storage pockets in the lid. If you (like everyone with a toolbox) has bits and bobs that often go missing, mesh storage pockets like these are a great idea. The owner has finally found a place for their trusty tape measure, and their spanners are safe and sound tucked inside the foam.

Although the inserts look like they may have been cut by the owner of the box and could do with some finger holes on either side of the tool, it’s a great toolbox setup nonetheless. Good effort!


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Car breakdown kit (made from used yoga mats…)

Neat and tidy, just how we like our toolboxes. Made to be a car breakdown kit, this toolbox is a nifty little creation that is not only compact but comprehensive, too. It has everything you’d need to get you and your car out of a tight spot, should disaster occur. The owner has even cut out a dedicated slot for their electronic torque wrench. Perhaps our favourite thing about this particular toolbox is that silver (magnetic!) dish. It’s a genius place for you to discard various bits and pieces without having to come away from the work at hand to carefully place them somewhere. Who has time for that?! This is a great idea for timesaving.

Bizarrely enough, the inserts were cut from used yoga mats (which, resourceful as it is, we’d recommend using proper foam inserts. It’s probably more hygienic this way too).


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Layer upon layer of storage ingenuity

More great toolbox ideas here, our favourite being the additional storage layers. Kept in place with two clip-on buttons, this here is a really simple and effective way to store tools without taking up lots of space. The pockets are a great touch, too. There’ll be no missing tools with this setup!

We love how this toolbox is held up, too. Using carabiners to support the additional storage layers, the creator of this particular box has found a flexible yet supportive way to get the most out of his toolbox. And this one, with its layer upon layer of storage, is like a DIY treasure trove.


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This toolbox comes with a verbal warning!

Although we suspect that some of the inserts here were cut a little bigger than needed, this is overall a great little setup (the ‘put it back’ warning is an excellent touch). We’re not sure if the wooden lid was intentional, but it gives the toolbox a clean, smart look (and it probably protects the tools quite well, too).

Another thing we noticed: those magnetic strips! Another genius way to use magnets within a toolbox setup, this one uses magnetic strips to safely hold spanners so that they don’t go awol. Take note!


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And for good measure…

Although there are no foam inserts to be seen on this one, we couldn’t leave it out. It’s genius carpentry and a really unique piece overall. If your woodwork skills are anywhere near those of @izzyswan_woodworking’s then we urge you to give something like this a go. The maker has managed to give an old school toolbox a real unique and modern twist, with intricate woodwork and a really nice finish. Great effort!


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Stay tuned to the toolbox community

We’ve written about toolboxes in great detail, so if you’d like to learn more about organising your toolbox, protecting your tools, or any other related news, stay tuned to our blog. Below are a few bits and pieces we think you may be interested in. We’ve also got a whole range of tool cases and tool case organisers for you to start your project.

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Our DIY custom foam offering

If you’re looking to get the most out of your toolbox setup, look no further than our DIY custom foam.  We’re putting the control back in your hands with precision-cut, readymade toolbox foam inserts. If you have a toolbox that we don’t stock, all you have to do is measure its internal specifications, tell us what they are via our foam calculator page and we’ll send the inserts straight to you. We also have a range of heavy duty toolboxes with inserts included.

In the meantime, our team is on-hand to answer any questions you may have. You can get in touch by calling 0800 8400 166 or, alternatively, contact us here.

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