The do’s and don’ts of garage storage

Organising any room in your house can be a challenge, especially when particular items hold sentimental value or you think they might come in handy one day. One area of the home that falls victim to these ideologies time and time again is the garage.

We all use our garages differently, some use it as a place to keep the Christmas tree or old toys, or even as a workshop. Whatever you use it for, it is important to make sure you are correctly stowing things away to ensure your garage is a safe and accessible part of the home.

This guide is aimed to help you utilise the space in your garage – outlining the most important do’s and don’ts of garage storage.

Do’s of garage storage

First of all, let’s start with the do’s of effective garage storage. Whether you have limited space or you simply want to keep the space minimal – these steps will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need.


Walls are a wonderful thing, and the garage is lined with them. What better way to utilise this space by putting up shelves to hang your tools and otherworldly garage items. Shelves are an inexpensive option towards better organisation. So whether you’re using the garage as a storage space or a workshop, be sure to hang a few shelves here and there to keep everything neat and tidy.


Similar to shelves, racks offer you the opportunity to store your items against the wall, in a grid fashion. Shop around for the right storage unit for your garage, as racks come in all shapes and sizes. As they are more of a unit, racks would require a larger garage space, ideal for DIYers using the garage as a workshop, allowing easy access to tools.

Another effective method of keeping items stowed away in racks is to incorporate DIY custom foam to the shelves, that way you keep everything safe in it’s exact place. What’s more, with racks, you can add heavy duty boxes which sit nicely within the gaps and allow you to more effectively store away your accessories.


Calling all DIYers, give your saw collection a better place to hang and out of reach little ones with our best hack yet, hooks! Why? Because they’re cheap, easy to install and the perfect place to keep anything with a handle.

Utilise the ceiling

If you have particularly large, or bulky items that you keep in the garage, why not consider hanging them from the ceiling. These might include ladders or push bikes that aren’t as regularly used. Hanging objects from the ceiling can be easily achieved by incorporating hooks.

Drawers and cabinets

Industrial metal drawers and cabinets are an easy and cost-effective way to keep things in an orderly fashion around the garage. By incorporating DIY custom foam inserts, you can create custom cut outs for your tools which then align within the drawers and cabinets, keeping them protected and safe from rust.

Check out our guide to preventing rusty tools, and learn how to better nurture your beloved accessories.

Don’ts of garage storage

Whilst the following might seem glaringly obvious, you’d be surprised at the number of us that do this in the garage and around the home. You only need to watch BBC 1’s programme Britain’s Biggest Hoarders to get an understanding of what happens when we don’t effectively store our commodities.


If you’ve seen Season 3, Episode 4 of The Simpsons ‘Bart the Murderer’, then you’ll remember Principal Skinner getting trapped under a pile of newspapers with only a jar of preserves to survive. Whilst an old pile of newspapers might satisfactorily stack well, it is a health and safety hazard and not worth the hassle.

This applies to anything that stacks on top of one another, one day it could all come crumbling down, and you don’t want to be trapped underneath when it does.


Similar to stacking, piling is just as ineffective, only by creating piles of junk, you’re taking up far too much floor space than is necessary whilst causing a tripping hazard, too. Next time you feel like slinging something into the garage, think about where it is going to land, don’t fall victim to piles.


Don’t cling on to the things you no longer need. It might feel like you owe these objects a home, but if you’ve not used them in five years or longer, then it’s time to give them away.

Next time you’re out in the garage, take a look around and assess whether you’re making the most of your storage space.

Case Farm specialise in creating tools to help you utilise and protect your best assets, be it the garage, your tools or tool box, our DIY custom foam is a perfect way to protect and give tools the longevity they need.

You can choose from our range of different sized inserts or visit our DIY foam calculator page to create custom cut inserts, we’ll give you an instant quote and send them straight out to you.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for more information. Feel free to explore our blog section, too. It’s packed with insights from the exciting world of DIY!

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