The perfect Father’s Day DIY gifts for 2021

With Father’s Day soon approaching, it’s a chance to show our old man just how much we treasure and adore him! Dads are a wonderful species, and they come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes finding the perfect gift for Father’s Day can feel like a challenge as there’s so many great options to choose from. How about trying some Father’s Day DIY to really blow his socks off this year?

For the handyman dad, the proud & nostalgic dad, the sports dad, and everyone else, we’ve put together a list of the best DIY Father’s Day gifts.

Photo frame

Whether it’s a picture of a steam train or the latest Giant mountain bike, why not craft your dad a photo frame from scratch this Father’s Day? To thank you, he might even fill it with a family photo – but don’t hold your breath.


Along with toilet roll and pasta, compost was also hard to get your hands on during lockdown as millions of Brits took to gardening to pass the time. Take your family’s vegetable supplies to the next level with a homemade planter.

Bird box

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag. What’s better than having some winged-company in the garden? Simple to make and ever-lasting, this is a great project for you and a lovely gift for the whole family, (and the birds too!) what’s more to like!

Beer box

Transform a dull box or piece of wood into a handy place to keep beer for your old man this summer. Top tip: create enough depth for ice storage, to keep frosty ones cool on a hot day or at your next BBQ! No need for BYOB – we’ve got you covered.

Cufflinks case

Make a handy little cufflink holder out of an old mint box. This is a fast and easy way to repurpose old materials, such as a watch strap for a handle and some old fabric for an inner lining.

Personalised chopping board

Get your hands on some (clean) spare wood, and give it a varnish to make his very own chopping board. Top tip: use a soldering iron to burn in a personalised message, but be careful not to breathe in the fumes, or worse, burn a personalised message into you.

Wooden decoupage sign

Why not jazz up your pops’ favourite space by making a wooden decoupage sign? A rustic, and cool addition to any workplace or office. Phase one: Make it; Phase two: Make yours special for him by inserting any message you like, such as ‘dad,’ ‘daddy Cool,’ or ‘No1 dad’. Phase three: He’ll love it!

Desk organisers

Dad’s room can get messy easily, so what better way to keep everything neat and tidy than a personalised desk organiser for all his tools, gadgets, and magazines? You can get crafty with this one. If your dad is an avid reader, then consider making extra space for books. Or perhaps he’s always drawing up plans, why not create an insert for him to put all his pencils!

Drawer organisers

“Just chuck it in the drawer” is a common phrase in UK households, and whilst we all have that one drawer crammed with toot, there is an easy fix to this. Drawer organisers are easily created by hand, using easy peel DIY custom foam from Case Farm!

You can also use custom foam in tool boxes, which is perfect for keeping dad’s tools protected. Need more tips on keeping tools safe from harm? Check out our blog 12 tips to prevent a rusty tools problem.

In the meantime, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team for more information. Feel free to explore our blog section, too. It’s packed with insights from the exciting world of DIY!

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