The perfect gift ideas for builders

If you’re buying gifts for a builder in your life, there’s a good chance you’ll stray from presents associated with their job. That’s their area of expertise, right? Most tradespeople are very particular about their own tools and equipment, and understandably so.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t get them gifts that make their work a little bit easier. You may want to avoid getting them an expensive tool that they may not use, but there are plenty of gift ideas for builders that can help in other ways. Whether your partner is a builder or you really want to treat your contractor for a job well done, you’ll find plenty of builder gift ideas here.

Without further ado, here are some perfect gift ideas for builders in your life.

A pair of trusty work gloves

Without a pair of protective work gloves, you could probably pick out a pair of builder’s hands out of a lineup. Between rubble and generally rough working conditions, it can be hard to look after your hands if you’re a builder.

The solution to protecting the condition and appearance of a builder’s hands is a trusty pair of gloves. It’s actually a perfect gift idea for builders because a good pair of work gloves are good for general household DIY work. Gardening too!

Thermal base layers for the colder days

Spare a thought for the builder in your life when the days get colder and darker. In winter, layering up is really important which is why thermal base layers are such a good gift idea for builders. They will get so much use out of thermal base layers that you wouldn’t believe.

A thermos flask for those colder days

Additionally, another great gift for builders in the UK (if our weather is anything to go by) is a dependable thermos flask for the essential morning coffee. Between the early morning wake-ups and the miserable UK weather, we think it’s up there with the best builder gift ideas.

Knee pads are a must-have

Just like with hands, a builder’s knees also need extra protection. Knee pads are a must-have for most builders and tradespeople for that matter. Hours spent kneeling on concrete and other hard surfaces will take a toll over time.

Not only will a pair of reliable knee pads protect knees from hard surfaces, they’ll also absorb shock and will spread the pressure out evenly.

Don’t forget about protective glasses

There’s a lot of flying pieces of rubble on building sites, so a pair of protective glasses are another piece of essential kit. The air is thick with dust and debris and sparks are flying from power tools – protective glasses are therefore a great gift idea for builders.

Prolonged exposure to dusty environments can lead to all kinds of eye ailments, so you’ll definitely be doing your builder a favour if they’ve not yet invested in a pair.

Magnetic wristband because it’s a genius solution

This is a great gift for anyone even half-interested in DIY. Fed up of having to reach for the nearest nail or screw while simultaneously holding something in place? Almost swallowed a nail trying to hold it between your lips? A magnetic wristband is just the genius solution you need.

They’re fairly self-explanatory: you’ll have your nails or other bits right there when you need them. No awkward stretching or near-fatal incidents to worry about!

You can get magnetic wristbands from plenty of reputable online vendors.

Portable radio (if only for company)

If the builder in your life is more of a solo practitioner as opposed to working for a firm, then a portable radio might be just the thing they’re looking for. It will help the day go quicker and will keep them company, too.

Bear in mind that you’ll want to get a sturdy radio that can sustain all manner of knocks and bumps. Riding in the back of a van or in a tool box can be a bumpy ride.

How about the classic tool box?

The pride and joy of every tradesperson is their tool box. If the builder you’re buying for is lacking a little in the tool box area and maybe needs a re-up, take a look at our wide range of heavy duty tool cases.

The Peli models are all top of the line tool cases, fitted with seriously sturdy exterior casing and with smart technical additions to boot. Rugged and reliable, they’re the ultimate tool box and perhaps the perfect gift idea for builders everywhere.

How about foam inserts for tool boxes?

Why not incorporate our DIY foam inserts into your favourite builder’s tool box? With the specific foam insert sizes entered into our calculator, we’ll give you an instant price. With the order completed, your builder will have foam inserts sized exactly for their needs.

We also have the standard range of Peli tool inserts dependent on which model tool case you go for.

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