The role of VR in the sports industry

VR Sports Industry

Technology in the sports industry has become an essential tool to help teams continue to develop and grow. Coaches and players are utilising the latest technologies to improve their fitness and mental resilience, while the clubs are also investing in new technologies to help improve fan experiences.

Virtual Reality is at the forefront of this tech revolution within the sports industry, with the Oculus Rift VR System leading the way. VR has grown massively within the past year and the sports sphere appears to be fully immersing itself in the world of VR.

Here’s how VR is revolutionising the sports industry today.

How VR is improving player performance

VR in sports is becoming a cutting-edge way for teams all over the world to assess and improve player performance. Coaches and players are able to train better by watching and experiencing real-life situations over and over again, improving their tactical awareness and mental resilience.

Vincent Kompany invests in Manchester-based VR tech business

Vincent Kompany has recently invested in Manchester-based startup, Rezzil, a tech company looking to lead the way in VR training and cognitive development. Rezzil are working with elite footballers, at some of the world’s leading football clubs, to help improve their decision-making and match-readiness skills.

Kompany and Rezzil believe their VR tech could help players improve their cognitive abilities when injured, something Kompany himself has struggled with when suffering from a long-term injury.

Experiencing VR gameplay scenarios, using virtual reality sports simulators, could help players to keep their minds sharp when suffering from long-term injuries, as well as helping them prepare for the tactical side of the game upon their return.

Improving fan experiences

VR isn’t just revolutionising the sports industry for players, fans are also experiencing the game like never before.

Fans can attend sports matches using VR

That’s right, clubs are now investing in VR technology to enhance fan experiences and allow them to watch matches, as if they were physically there, using VR technology. A VR headset and app are all you’ll need to be able to experience the action live and in the comfort of your own home.

VR in sports appears to be a great investment for clubs with fans all over the world, allowing those who can’t afford the luxury of attending matches to get a piece of the action. During the International Champions Cup in July 2018, the Manchester United vs FC Barcelona match was live-streamed in VR for fans all over the globe to experience.  In the aftermath, the match highlights were also available through NextVR, providing a totally unique experience for football fans.

Fans can now experience sports from the player’s perspective

Some progress has been made in terms of fans being able to experience sports from the perspective of their favourite players. Spanish startup, FirstV1sion, have created wearable, body-cam technology that can stream on-field experiences straight to their fans.  

This wearable VR technology has already been used in several basketball games, including the Euroleague final, and has even made an appearance in the RFL for a game between Leigh Centurions and Warrington Wolves. It’s anticipated that this kind of body-cam technology will soon become a fan favourite, with more clubs and sports looking to utilise the technology.

What does the future hold for VR in the sports industry?

The future of VR sports looks to be certain. With many technologies still in their early stages, there is plenty of room for VR in sports to reach its full potential. The investment from players like Vincent Kompany will help to further cement this.

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