The Top 10 Drone Accessories to Make Every Flight Count

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Whether you’re a drone expert or new to the hobby, there are always ways to boost your skills and enhance your flights to get the most out of your drone. We’ve put together a list of our favourite cool drone accessories that will make sure you have as much fun as possible with your drone.

1. Portable landing pad

A portable landing pad is a great addition to your drone kit. Not only will it help you to practise accurately flying and landing your drone, but it can help to protect your drone from wet, dirty or rocky landings. This means that you won’t need to clean your drone as often and it’ll also be protected from damage.

2. Drone goggles

Drone goggles are one of the coolest drone accessories you can get your hands on. These goggles are similar to VR headsets and give you a birds-eye view from your drone, making you feel like you’re flying too! Take a look at DJI’s range of drone goggles here.

3. Propellor guards

Even experienced drone pilots can be prone to a crash every now and again! Propellers usually suffer the most damage, and their delicate blades can easily snap and break. By using propellor guards, you can help to protect your blades and make sure your drone lands in one piece.

4. A protective drone case

One of the best drone accessories you can invest in is a protective, waterproof and dustproof drone case. A hard drone case will make sure that your drone and accessories are kept safe, no matter what, offering protection from knocks, water and dust particles. Take a look at our range of protective drone cases to find the perfect protective solution for your drone.

5. GPS tracker

Although many drones come with GPS built in, if your drone runs out of battery whilst out of site, you won’t be able to use this to locate your equipment. If your drone is particularly precious or expensive, it’s worth attaching a separate GPS tracker to your drone to make sure you can find it at all times. Small GPS trackers can easily be attached to your drone, and will add minimal weight to your flights.

6. Sunshade

For summer flying, a sunshade is a must. Sunshades clip easily onto your controller, reducing glare from the sun, and helping to improve visibility in even the brightest of conditions.

7. Extra batteries

The biggest enemy of the drone pilot is a flat battery! Don’t let your batteries stop the fun when you’re out and about with your drone – make sure you pack plenty of spare rechargeable batteries to keep you flying for as long as possible.

8. Lanyard

When you’re out flying, holding the controller for extended periods of time can leave you feeling like you’ve just finished a long session in the gym. With a lanyard, you can carry your controller hands-free, meaning you’re able to fly for even longer.

9. Lipo bags

Lipo bags are designed to keep your spare batteries safe and prevent them from exploding or catching fire. They are cheap and are a worthwhile addition to any drone kit bag. UK drone law states that lipo bags must be used when travelling with your drone on an aeroplane. To find out more about UK drone regulation, read our guide here.

10. Camera filters

If you use your drone to capture images or footage, camera filters can help elevate your photography to the next level. These lenses clip onto your drone’s camera and add image-filtering effects to help you create stunning visuals. Take a look at some available options here.

These accessories will help you to develop new skills, have fun, and get the most out of your drone!

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