Custom Foam Tool Insert

Custom Foam Inserts Cut to Size and Shape

The Case Farm’s very own workshop team can provide you with custom foam inserts to meet your criteria. Whether you are looking for tool case inserts, foam inserts for drones, hard case foam inserts for VR equipment or simply cut foam to protect your photography or sound equipment gear, no job is too big for us. We can provide the best protective foam inserts for whatever you hold dear.

Do It Yourself

An Easy Peel foam insert can be ordered online and cut to fit your case or drawer. All you have to do is cut around your items, peel away layers of foam, and you'll have readymade inserts.

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Use Our Experts

We have a huge range of in-house foam customisation facilities, and a team of highly experienced foam designers. We can measure your items and create your insert to spec.

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Do It Yourself

with DIY foam

Custom Designed

with our design team

Custom sizes

Cleanest finish

Cheapest option

Expert advice

Creating a DIY Custom Foam insert can be done in just 3 simple steps.

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Simple Plastic Case with Custom Foam

High Quality Protective Foam Inserts Cut for Cases of Any Size

Custom foam inserts are widely known to be much more durable and protective than pick and pluck foam, or a generic foam lined case. We are able to offer you custom foam inserts cut to size in a vast range of colours and densities, with high-quality properties that will keep your belongings safe and sound from damage.


Custom Foam Tool Insert

Trusted Professional Foam Cutting Services

Our custom foam specialists work with a number of cutting machines that together, guarantee a truly professional finish to your protective foam inserts. We have worked on a variety of projects over time, each with their own unique requirements. It’s with this experience, that we’re confident we can deliver quality custom cut foam inserts for you, too.

Custom Foam Tool Insert
Custom Foam

Protective Cases Provide the Perfect Home for Foam Inserts

For the ultimate protection for your things, be sure to browse our range of waterproof and dustproof protective cases, all of which can play the perfect host to your custom foam inserts. Our Dave range is a particular favourite amongst our customers, thanks to the high quality yet affordable offerings the products provide.

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Our In-House Machines for Cutting Foam

We cut and finish all our custom cut foam jobs at our own factory in Dorset, UK. This enables us to provide quicker turnaround times, better informed advice and cheaper costs than those that outsource. Our foam cutting technology incorporates:


What's the easiest way to cut foam?

If you decide to cut your own foam, you’ll need a flat surface to achieve a clean finish. One of the best things to cut foam with is a sharp-edge knife, carefully following marked-out lines.

Can you laser engrave foam?

Absolutely! Using our laser engraving machine, we can engrave any custom cut foam.

Can I use your custom foam for packaging?

Our custom cut foam has plenty of uses, from toolbox and jewellery box inserts to packaging solutions and even custom flight cases!

You will see from our high ratings on Trustpilot that our products and services come recommended by our past customers!

If you’d like to enquire about our services, just complete the form below. If appropriate, you can also upload any relevant files, such as CAD files or images of your requirement.

PLEASE NOTE: Custom foam orders have a minimum order value of £500. If you’re looking for a cheaper option, we recommend taking a look at DIY Foam instead.

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