Tips to keep your camera equipment in tip-top condition

As fellow photography enthusiasts, we know how important it is to keep your camera equipment safe. After all, it’s the tool that stands between you and that perfect shot – but from time to time dust, dirt and rain can all get in the way.

From the camera itself to your lenses and accessories, this hobby certainly doesn’t come cheap so there’s no doubt you’ll want to keep your camera equipment in tip-top condition. Here are our top tips.

Clean it regularly

Whether it’s the lens and sensor or the memory card slot, it’s important to regularly clean your camera and keep it dust-free. There are a few, easy-to-source items you’ll need to safely clean your camera and any equipment. These include:

  • A rubber bulb blower
  • Non-abrasive wipes
  • Lens cleaning spray

Once you’ve sourced these, browse our guide on how to clean your camera and equipment to get started. Our guide even includes how to clean the sensor (please don’t use your shirt!). It’s really simple and a regular clean can do wonders for prolonging your equipment’s lifespan. Don’t forget to clean your camera bag or case to prevent any future build-up.

Be weatherproof savvy

Heading to the beach for a sunset photoshoot or taking snaps of the city on a rainy day? The key to protecting your camera equipment is to get weatherproof savvy. Whatever the conditions, at Case Farm we swear by a good camera rain cover. Not only will a plastic rain cover keep your equipment safe from rain, but it’ll do wonders for protection from dust and sand also.

Fancy making your own DIY rain cover? A plastic bag will do the trick if you’re in a hurry!

Strap up

Have you ever dropped your camera when out and about? We have! You might not think it looks cool but the strap that came with your camera is there for a reason. String it through your camera’s loopholes and pop it over your shoulder to keep your camera and lens even more secure.

Get it serviced

You regularly take your car for a service, so why not your camera? DSLR cameras and equipment should be serviced once a year at the very least in order to prolong their lifespan. A good service will help you spot any maintenance or repairs that your camera might require.

Some professional photographers even choose to get their camera and equipment serviced every 6 months. Even if you think everything is working fine, there’s no harm in getting a quick service. A regular service can also help to reduce any camera maintenance and repair costs in years to come.

Storage is key

Another way to keep your camera equipment in tip-top condition is by safely storing it away when you’re not using it.

Camera storage ideas

How you store your camera depends on the size of it and the rest of your equipment, but one of the easiest ways to protect your camera equipment is to store it away in a sturdy camera case. The best camera equipment storage cases are waterproof and dustproof – just like the ones we stock at The Case Farm. You could even add your own custom foam inserts for added protection and security when on the move.

Order your Easy Peel inserts here

However, that’s not all we can do. With our new DIY custom foam service, we’re putting control back in your hands with a completely customisable product line. With Easy Peel, all you need to do is provide us with your exact specifications and we will give you a price using our DIY custom foam calculator. Once ordered, your two-toned layered foam will arrive and you simply cut and peel away the foam (we have a whole DIY custom foam tutorials section if you need an extra hand with this). Once you’re done, your camera bits can be safely tucked away and you’re good to go.

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