Tool Box Foam Inserts

Protect your tools with a custom foam insert, specifically designed for your toolbox, tool case or even as toolbox foam drawer liners. . As well as protecting your tools with durable tool inserts, it also makes it easy to instantly identify if any tools are missing so you never leave one behind.

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An Easy Peel foam insert can be ordered online and cut to fit your case or drawer. All you have to do is cut around your tools, peel away layers of foam, and you'll have readymade foam toolbox inserts.

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We have a huge range of in-house foam customisation facilities, and a team of highly experienced foam designers. We can measure your items and create your insert to spec.

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Tool Control Foam for your Box or Case

Here at the Case Farm, we specialise in creating custom foam for a huge array of applications, from foam drawer inserts to foam inserts for the toolbox itself. One of our most popular job types is creating tool control foam inserts for standard toolboxes or for tool cases, such as Peli cases..

Not only do tool inserts look professional, they serve a very functional purpose. Using a bright colour for the foam in the base of the insert and a dark colour for the top surface, enables the user to instantly see if all tools and pieces of equipment are accounted for.

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