Top 10 funniest wildlife photos

Chipmunk eating Corn Cob
The best part of being a wildlife photographer must surely be capturing impromptu comedy moments. Every year the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards brings together the best (you guessed it) comedy wildlife photography for our viewing pleasure. Here, we bring you our top 10. 1. This frog is having the best day of his life. comwil-01 2. Perfect timing. comwil-02 3. She definitely didn’t see this coming. comwil-03 4. The boys are back in town. comwil-04 5. Facepalm. comwil-05 6. Just when you think your day couldn’t get any worse. comwil-06 7. What the… comwil-07 8. Gotta’ get your money’s worth. Barb D'Arpino Wasaga Beach Phone: 705 429-4592 Email: Title: No butter or salt? Description: Eastern Chipmunk stuffing her cheeks with corn until they looked ready to pop. Animal: Eastern Chipmunk Location of shot: Wasaga Beach, Ontario, Canada 9. Bliss. Edward Kopeschny Midland Ontario Phone: 705-528-1636 Email: Title: Mrs Happy Description: One very content snowy owl. Animal: Snowy Owl Location of shot: Minesing, Ontario, Canada 10. Bring. It. On. comwil-10

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