Top tips for utilising VR for marketing purposes

How To Utilise VR in Marketing

Is VR part of your advertising/marketing budget? Or are you, like many, yet to dive into the exciting world of virtual reality? In an age where business comms are a large part of advertising and marketing all sounds the same, VR is one way that your business can stand out from the crowd.

But, how do you go about it? If you’re new to the concept, it can be intimidating. Never fear though – we’ve gathered together a few different ways that you can use the VR experiential market to boost your profile and drive new business. Here goes!

Give your audience the grand tour

If you want to give your audience (as well as prospective customers) a little tour of your business premises – how you run things, what kind of business you are – then VR would work perfectly. You’ll be able to give them their own tour where they can walk around your premises and really get a feel of the business’ vibe. It’s the ultimate brand awareness and will reinforce loyalty and build relationships between your brand and new customers.

This is a great idea if, for example, you’re opening a new store. Make it look nice and invite people to take a look around. It also works if your place hasn’t quite opened yet but you want to whip up a bit of excitement by giving people a sneak peek.

Teleport your audience to a land far, far away

Ok, so here’s an example. Your business works in the travel industry and you want to give your customers a taste of your latest holiday resort and, well, a glossy brochure just won’t cut it. How about you just take them there?!

That’s right, using VR technology you can ‘teleport’ your customers to any location without them leaving their front room. This combines VR and 4D technology and has the ability to project real-life sensations and visual stimuli to recreate a location of your design. It’s sure to get your brand noticed! If you specialise in ‘place marketing’ – estate agents, for example – then you can simply take your customer to a place they might be interested in.

Do you work in home improvement?

This one has been done already but that’s not to say you can’t steal the idea (talent borrows, genius steals, right?). If you’re working on improving your home – new wallpaper maybe, or you want to change the flooring – then you can use VR to see what your home would look like after these changes have been (virtually) made.

It works on the same premise as Specsavers’ ‘try before you buy’ service. You’ll be able to see what things would look like if you made the purchase. Do those glasses really suit you? Does this new wallpaper complement the room, or not?

Make a VR game

If you give your audience the chance to engage with your brand by playing a game then you’ll be onto a winner. Create an app that uses VR and, if it’s suitable to your business, you can make it fun and rewarding (you could even give away coupons or rewards for the winners!).

You’ll want to make it fun – your customers may have never encountered VR before and may approach it with some scepticism.

Less promotion, more education

This is an important one. As we mentioned earlier, many people might approach VR with some scepticism so it’s your job to educate them. When you use VR in your marketing strategy you should always incorporate a bit of education.

If you do it right, you’ll promote your brand without your customers really knowing. It’s a hands-on, fun approach which creates a sense of brand advocacy because you will have introduced the customer to the exciting world of virtual reality! That’s at least one reason why the customer will choose your service over your competitors.

Learn more about VR

You’ll have probably been told that VR is the ‘future’, and the ‘next big thing’. We hate to reinforce such cliches but it’s all true. It’s one of the best ways that you can get your business noticed, and if done right the end result will be impressive.
You can learn more about virtual reality here. In the meantime, if you’d like to talk more about how to use the technology for your business, you can call us on 0800 8400 166 (our FAQs should help, too).

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