“They look dead-easy to reposition and adjust so you can accomodate an ever-changing collection of camera gear.”
“While TrekPak is built with photography in mind, the system can be useful to anyone with a lot of gear that needs to be neatly organized.”
“…does away with the annoyances of velcro by introducing a new pin system for adjusting dividers.”
“The secret is in the construction—a series of parallel tubes sandwiched between layers of protective foam. This is a gross oversimplification of a truly ingenious design.”
“…well ahead of the other options for anyone who thinks they might be carrying different gear regularly.”
“TrekPak aims to not only morph your current bag into a case, but also buck the decades long hold of velcro on adjustable layouts.”
“It seems like a very handy and convenient idea. Better yet: the inserts can be used with your other camera bags.”
“incredibly easy to adjust, allow for ridiculous organization and are much lighter than the dividers”