Vegan watch brands and watch straps to look out for

Veganism has taken the world by storm and the popularity of this lifestyle choice shows no signs of falling through any time soon. Over the years, there have been so many advancements for the vegan community. However, it’s not just the major food outlets that are providing a diverse range of choices for vegans – various modern-day watch brands are also stepping up and joining in with this trend! From Votch to Fjordson, it seems there are so many vegan watch options available to consumers in 2020. Let’s take a look at them!

Hurtig Lane

Hurtig Lane watch

First on the list, we have Hurtig Lane watches. Born in Barcelona, these award-winning cruelty-free watches are known as being a must-have accessory for ‘animal-loving fashionistas’. Why? Well, these watch straps are only made using recycled material and cotton woven fibre with PU. What’s even better about these timepieces is that they are packaged with recycled cardboard and nylons – meaning the plastic is ditched! 

TIVC: Time IV Change

TIVC Time IV Change watch

Across the pond, we have Australian watch brand, TIVC (Time IV Change). This cleverly named brand has an ethos for making a positive change to the world, which is precisely why their watches are made from animal-friendly and eco-conscious materials. Did you know that the recycled material contained in the watches is derived from the likes of T-shirts, bottles, and plastics?


Votch watch

When it comes to getting your hands on UK vegan watch straps, a brand to definitely consider is Votch. Votch’s timepieces are manufactured using a cotton woven microfibre with PU, and their latest range is made from a mix of polyester, TPE and cotton. Want to know something more appealing? This vegan watch brand also has a line of straps made from pineapple leaf fibres!


BAUME watch

If choices are what you’re after, we have a feeling that you’re going to love BAUME’s collection of vegan watches. This watch brand offers unique and personalised unisex timepieces that are made only from natural or recycled materials. Cork, linen, and recycled PET are just a few examples of the substances involved in the manufacturing process.


Fjordson watch

What’s better than a stylish Swiss timepiece? A 100% vegan one! Swiss brand, Fjordson, is both Vegan Society and PETA-approved, and it’s no surprise why. All of the watch straps by the brand are eco-friendly, interchangeable and crafted with premium synthetic fabric. Want an even greater reason to buy a watch from this brand? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that Fjordson donates 5% of their revenue to animal charities and rescues.



NOX-BRIDGE is a New Zealand based watch brand that offers unisex vegan watches, with designs inspired by the night sky. NOX-BRIDGE are proud to manufacture in both Japan and Switzerland to ensure that their watches are made to the highest quality. A key feature of a NOX-BRIDGE timepiece is its quick-release, interchangeable waterproof eco-friendly strap that is (of course) 100% vegan.

Evig Grön

Evig-Gron watch

Another vegan Swiss watch brand to look out for is Evig Grön. You’ll be interested to know that all of Evig Grön’s watch straps are made from recycled Portuguese cork, a material that does not cause deforestation. As well as this, all of the brand’s warranty cards are made from sustainable liquid wood. What a way to be eco-friendly, right?

Ksana Watches

Ksana Watch

Last but certainly not least, we have the UK’s very own Ksana watches. If you’re searching for a vegan watch that stands out, look no further than these beautiful timepieces. Ksana watches are colourful and feature a lightweight, anti-slip and durable silicone watch strap that comes in a variety of designs. Ksana is also proud to have a Silicone Recycling Program, which gives consumers the chance to send watch straps back to be repurposed into solar panels. What’s even better about this brand is that they donate 1% of their sales value towards helping environmental causes.

Keeping your vegan watches safe

When it comes to keeping your new vegan watches watches safe, make sure they are stored away in a protective watch collection box. At the Case Farm, we have a variety of watch cases that offer complete dustproof, waterproof and crushproof protection for your most precious timepieces. Whether you’re after a watch box for 3 watches or a box for 10 or 18 pieces, you’ll be pleased to know our cases come in a range of sizes.

If you require any further information about our products, do not hesitate to contact us today. In the meantime, be sure to stay in touch with our blog section for all the latest watch news throughout 2020.

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