Watch Etiquette: Why Do People Wear Two Watches?

Two Timing: Why do people wear two watches at once?

Among watch lovers, there’s a phenomenon that has divided opinion since the dawn of time (no pun intended). Why do people wear two watches at once? You may have seen it, or you’ll have at least heard about it. It’s not some niche, underground movement. In fact, history is full of well-known and respected figures who chose to wear two watches. Diego Maradona wore two watches, as did Lady Di and the celebrated U.S veteran General Norman Schwartzkopf.

What do these figures have in common? What are the reasons behind this phenomenon? Our technology is at a point now where just one watch has boundless capabilities, so why burden yourself with two?

These are the questions we intend to answer. They’re the riddles we want to solve. Come with us as we take a journey into the mind of the two-watch wearer.

Man wearing a watch on each wristFirst of all, why are people so opposed to it?

Wearing two watches represents a faux pas that isn’t just a stylistic thing: for many, it flies in the face of logic and reason. If a watch simply serves the purpose of telling the time (we know that they can do much more, but hypothetically speaking) – then why wear another?

The argument for wearing more than one watch is grounded in the idea that we should give up these objections and let people wear what they like. We’ll always have our opinions of course, but it’s not like two-watch wearers don’t have their own reasons. They wouldn’t make such a staunch and divergent choice for nothing.

Without further ado, here are the many reasons why people choose to wear two watches at once.

People do it as a fashion statement

Believe it or not, people have done worse things in the name of fashion! There are numerous style-motivated reasons for wearing two watches at once. Many like to combine a nice-looking mechanical watch on one wrist with a modern techy watch on the other. A lot of people like having a more simple, minimalist watch on one wrist and a bigger statement watch on the other. 

These are the main stylistic choices that people make, and it’s the mixing and matching that many two-watch wearers like. It gives them options!

People do it for practicality

To many, it might come off as peacocking (especially if you’re wearing two particularly valuable pieces), but there are actually some really practical reasons for wearing two watches. As we said earlier, watch technology has grown exponentially but not all watches do the same things. 

Here’s an example: maybe you’re a regular traveller and like to have watches with different time zones. Or you could be a global stockbroker, in which case being able to track different market places across the world is crucial.

Although you might not associate him with particularly logical or reasoned thinking, Diego Maradona is the best example of this. The famous (or infamous) footballer wears a watch on each wrist – one is set to the time back home in Argentina, and the other is set to local time dependent on where he is in the world. The award-winning Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan does the same.

Another reason is for safety

Let’s look at a specific example. Professional divers (saturation divers) are known in the diving community for wearing two watches. They do this because each watch has a totally different use. One serves as a diving computer that measures the time and depth, giving the diver a calculated ascent reading so they know when to return to the surface. The other watch is a standard analog dive watch with water resistant properties.

It’s easier for the divers to compartmentalise their watches, rather than having one watch that could do everything (which may be cluttered with too much information). The safety of having two watches is common across numerous sectors, from law enforcement and the military to security and aerospace. 

Simply put: if one watch fails, they have another as backup.

Man wearing a watch on both wristsPeople also do it for sentimental reasons

Many people wear two watches to symbolise something. This is the more sentimental end of the sale, and it’s quite a common reason. Perhaps you want to have your own watch on, as well as one owned by a loved one? We know that Lady Di wore Prince Charles’ watch to bring him luck during his sports events.

There are some very significant reasons why you may wear an extra watch, especially if that extra watch belonged to someone you’ve lost, or someone you miss.

Do you have a watch case for all those watches?

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons for wearing two watches. There’ll be no judgement from us. However, if you do have more than one watch, you’ll want a watch collection box to keep them safe.

We have a vast range of watch cases, so be sure to take a look. In the meantime, have a flick through our blog – you’ll find loads of interesting watch-related insights, as well as meanderings on topics as diverse as VR and gaming.

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