What kind of foam is used in tool boxes?

Whether you’re a tradesperson by profession or just a DIY tinkerer, your tools will often get put through their paces with all manner of knocks and bumps. Of course, your tools are built to withstand rigorous long-term use but believe us when we say your tools are not indestructible.

This is especially if you use them on a daily basis for your job. From bumpy van journeys to general on-the-job wear and tear, your tools are put through a lot. Fortunately, tool box foam providers in the UK continue to innovate in this regard, providing tool control foam solutions to help protect and keep track of your collection, as well as unique foam cutting services that give you inserts in the exact size you need.

We are one such tool box foam provider, and with the highest quality foam materials we have claimed a significant foothold in the industry. In this article, we’re going to detail the kinds of foam you will use for your tool boxes and just how they protect your invaluable tools. If you’d like to know more about the kinds of foam used in tool boxes, simply continue reading.

What is tool control foam and why you need it

The kinds of foam used in tool boxes come under a few different names but the overarching purposes are the same: to protect your tools, and to help you better organise them. Our name for this kind of foam is DIY custom foam; elsewhere it may be called custom foam, custom foam inserts, and any variation of those two.

However, our DIY custom foam solutions are designed specifically to protect your tools and help you organise them. Our toolbox inserts are made from two-tone layered foam which adds a significant amount of protection from everyday knocks and bumps as well as more serious drops from greater heights, etc. Without tool control foam sheets placed inside your toolbox, a drop from any height simply results in your tools crashing against each other in the box. Again, this is not good news for maintaining the condition of your tools.

How is it different from other protective foam?

To do away with the lengthy and quite fiddly process of trying to cut your own inserts to put your tools in, we’ve engineered a process with Easy Peel where you simply provide your exact size requirements using our calculator page. Then when your tool control foam sheets arrive, you simply cut and peel away the layers to reveal your ready to go inserts.

What are the uses for these toolbox inserts?

You can use our inserts as toolbox foam drawer liners; perhaps you have a standing tool cabinet and you want to organise your tools better. Our inserts can be used for the drawers so that you know exactly where your tools are and where to go for the ones you need. This could apply to bodyshops, garages, DIY retail spaces, the aerospace industry, and even competitive racing. Wherever you feel the need to control your tool collection and prevent the common scenario of losing them.

Where to buy foam for tool boxes

You’ve come to exactly the right place. Our DIY custom foam and associated custom foam ranges provide superior protection for your tools and will help you organise your collection. If you represent a business, this organisation can streamline your processes, and reduce non-billable time spent constantly locating your misplaced tools. If you’re simply a DIY enthusiast, you’ll finally have a tool box to be proud of (just like these fine folks).

To learn more about our tool control foam and its many applications, please visit our blog where you’ll find countless resources and insights. We’re also on hand should you need any guidance, just get in touch.


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