Which businesses could benefit from drones?

Which businesses could benefit from drones

Commercial drone uses are endless, and more and more businesses and industries are looking to make use of drones in order to cut costs and increase efficiency in their work.

The future drone uses for business will revolutionise how many industries carry out their work, but which industries do we see benefitting from the use of drones that currently are not?

Construction and surveying

In the building and surveying industries, numerous time-consuming inspections need to be carried out on buildings and structures, at various points during their construction. For large projects such as bridges or skyscrapers, these surveys may require specialised equipment, teams of inspectors and long periods of time to complete.

In the future, however, drones will be fitted with high definition cameras and used to capture video footage of the structures requiring inspection. This means that fewer individuals will be needed to inspect the footage, saving considerable man hours and costs.


Delivery drones are currently being tested out by the likes of Amazon, and we can expect for these to become the main delivery channel in the future from a number of retailers. Delivery times will be cut and will become more environmentally-friendly when delivering parcels via specialised drones.

Pest control

Pest control is perhaps one of the more unusual career paths and is certainly only one for those of us without a delicate constitution. Pesky animals such as mice, insects and vermin can often be in hard to reach places, and are treated with harsh and potentially dangerous chemicals. In the future, specialised drones will be used to assess areas and apply treatments, helping to reduce the time that these treatments take, all whilst protecting the safety of people in the treatment area.


When assessing insurance claims, particularly for structural damage to buildings, inspections are needed. Much like in the building industry, the insurance industry can use camera-equipped drones to carry out their inspections and record footage of any damage to use as evidence.

Inventory Management

Warehouses for storage and large retailers can span many miles, so carrying out inventory checks can be an arduous task. Drones can be used to fly around these huge warehouses and stream video footage to admin staff, who can then count and check available stock.
It’s easy to see how a wide range of industries will be impacted by drone technology in the years to come. If you have a drone or are looking into one for your business, make sure to keep it protected with our range of waterproof drone cases. Check out the range and find the perfect case for your needs here at the Case Farm.

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