Which DJI drone should I buy?

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It’s not uncommon to spot drones across the skies in parks, forests and cities, but they  haven’t always been a common gadget for everyone to get their hands on. Historically, drones were an exclusive piece of technology, limited to professionals and businesses willing to pay over and above for them.

These days, however, numerous millions of drone users are finding extremely creative ways to use them, thanks to improved features and greater affordability. DJI offers a wide selection of quality drones and their product portfolio can match any need and budget. Yet with so many options and technical specifications available,  you may be wondering, “which DJI drone is right for me?”. We’ve created this guide to help you find out.

DJI Spark

We’ve started small with the DJI Spark. This little drone packs some of DJI’s signature technology in an ultra portable form. The Spark can shoot smooth, detailed photos and videos with its 12MP camera. It’s super speedy with top speeds of 50kmh, although the flight time is only 16 minutes. Other convenient features include Return to Home, object avoidance and intelligent flight and photo gestures, all of which makes flying the DJI Spark even more enjoyable.

Is the DJI Spark right for me?

The DJI Spark is best for first time flyers and lightweight photography, as well as for direct social media uploads. While the design is perfectly compact, the propeller arms are not foldable, so investing in a DJI Spark drone case is advised.

The DJI Mavic Series

DJI is all about supporting creatives and professionals curating content, but they also welcome new drone users and make their technology intuitive. TheMavic drone series by DJI truly encapsulates this concept. The collection offers 3 different models – the Mavic Air, Mavic Pro Platinum and Mavic 2.

The collection includes some great features. All Mavic drones are foldable for optimised transportation, offer stabilised high quality 4K video quality, included object avoidance and have incredible features where the hardware and software work together for hyperlapse, ActiveTrack and SmartCapture.

The DJI Mavic Air

The Mavic air has recently been named one of the most loved drones on the market. It combines incredible functionality and size, all at a reasonable price (relative to average drone prices) at just £769.

Mavic Air’s 3-axis camera allows the user to create awesome 32MP sphere panorama photographs and ultra smooth video, while flight time is around 21 minutes, which may prove to be just right for the average user.

Is the DJI Mavic Air right for me?

The Mavic Air is perfect for photographers or filmmakers who are looking to test out the styles derived from drones, or for influencers or businesses looking to expand their content format with something a little more advanced.

Mavic Pro Platinum

The Mavic Pro Platinum is all about improvements from its older (and discontinued) brother, the Mavic Pro. The new iteration offers 60% reduction in noise and a longer, 30 minute flight time than the previous generation.

Who is the Mavic Pro Platinum best suited to?

This is great for customers who have had some experience with drones and it’s now time to progress to the next drone level. Offering 4K video and 12MP photos, it’s a complete package with a slightly fairer price then the newer Mavic 2.

Mavic 2 (Pro and Zoom)

Opportunities with the Mavic 2 are endless. With its 31 minutes, it offers the longest flight time in consumer drones. Paired with a speedy 72kmh max speed using sport mode, at lot of fun (albeit profesional fun) can be had with drone.

Both cameras on the Pro and Zoom models offers enhanced HDR for deep color and contrast. Featuring omni-directional object avoidance, the drone is able to look out forwards, backwards, left, right, above, below and pretty much everywhere else, to reduce the likelihood of crashing.

Who is the Mavic 2 Pro & Zoom best suited to?

The Mavic 2 Pro comes equipped with a 20MP camera by Hasselblad, and includes a 1-inch image sensor, a variable aperture and improved HDR and colour profile. Meanwhile, the Mavic 2 Zoom offers a 12MP camera with a 4-times zoom distance which can be operated during flight. The Zoom also includes intelligent features such as the 48 megapixel ‘Super Resolution Photos’, which stitches 9 photos together using the telephoto lens. Both variants are incredible for professionals – the Pro is ideal for ultra-crisp photography and the Zoom is perfect for creative capturing.

The Mavic series has a perfect drone for any user – whether you are an advanced photographer or you are looking to get more creative. All you need is a DJI Mavic drone case to secure you for your adventure.

Phantom 4 Pro/Advanced+

Phantom 4: the king of DJI’s consumer drone range and arguably the most famous in the market. If you’re looking for a drone for advanced professional aerial photography and filmmaking, the DJI Phantom 4 is the drone for you.

It comes 4K/60 fps ready with its 1-inch 20MP camera sensor. As well as a 7km control range, shooting through mountains and above sea level has never been so stunning. Its 30 minute uncompromising battery gives you freedom to select the perfect shot.

The Phantom 4 is designed for drone masters and advanced filmmakers. We definitely recommend experience with flying drones if you are thinking about purchasing the Phantom 4, as its plethora of features and undeniable quality comes at a cost.

Other professional drones like the Mavic series are great for transportation, due to their compact folding abilities. However, as the Phantom 4 doesn’t compromise on performance with space, checking out some durable drone cases to protect the 5 figure drone is something worth considering.

Inspire 2

If you are considering which DJI drone to buy, the Inspire 2 isn’t likely to be in your list. Because someone who chooses the Inspire 2 knows that it’s the only DJI drone for them, and that is typically cinematographers or big enterprises.

This advanced drone is incomparable to any other DJI drone. Its technical specifications are relative to sports cars with its 0-50mph in 5 seconds acceleration and 94kmh top speed. Better yet, its camera and tracking technology is like no other. The Inspire 2 is made for hardcore content creation and its price range of £3,059 to £12,999 reflects this. However, with this incredible piece of technology and the unimaginable content you can create with it, protecting it with military grade, crush proof casing is almost a must.

So…Which DJI Drone is best?

With so much technical jargon and a plethora of options to choose from, it can definitely get a little overwhelming. Therefore, if you aligned with the typically customer mentioned for one of the models in our guide, we’d recommend opting for that one. However, if you feel like you are in between two, maybe consider the more advanced product. As drones are pricey, going for the one which you won’t outgrow quickly is the best investment.

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