Which industries are making the most of drones?

Which industries are making the most of drones?

Drones are changing the way old businesses operate and are even creating new opportunities. Following the rules and regulations for commercial drone uses set by the Civil Aviation Authority in 2013, many corporations began adopting drones into their business plans. Since then, business and industrial uses of drones have continued to grow internationally, with Microsoft announcing in May 2018 their partnership with the Chinese drone manufacturer, DJI.

Drone uses for business

You may think that drones are only useful for video and photography or marketing purposes. However, since drones have been gaining more attention, there has been an increase in the way they are used. Whether it’s agriculture or access to the internet, drones can change the way your business operates, or they could even help you to create a new start-up.

Helping architects and the construction industry

Before the construction of a building takes place, architects can use drones to map the area through images and footage. Architects can then use these images to create 3D renderings and visually construct their ideas and projects. Using this method also improves the accuracy of the designs and the overall understanding of how the space or property fits into its surroundings. The construction companies using these plans will also benefit from having greater clarity of the architect’s vision and the added accuracy of the designs.

Delivering your packages by drone

Although drones cannot currently transport heavy loads, Amazon Prime Air were the first to jump onto delivering goods by drone to the customer’s door. While the technology still needs to be developed to make this more feasible, this is perhaps one of the most interesting applications of drones for businesses.

Increasing the ability of the emergency services

Perhaps one of the most important uses of drones commercially is in the emergency services. Whether it’s providing an improved vantage point to survey a dangerous situation or delivering medical supplies to victims stranded in hard to reach areas, drones can help the emergency service’s ability to respond to various situations. Drones have already been used as the first response to disaster areas, but they are now delivering not just medical aids such as bandages or defibrillators, but medical expertise to help those on the ground and those at the scene to provide medical attention.

Bringing more tech to the agricultural industry

There is huge potential within the agricultural industry for the adoption and use of drones. Drones can help farmers identify failing crops or take stock of their plants and livestock. Farmers can also use drones to study and map out irrigation systems and their farmland, helping to speed up time-intensive tasks. As drones are developed further and with customisation available, farmers will be able to equip their drones to spray fertilisers, pesticides and water on their crops.

What’s next for business use of drones

As commercial drone uses grow so too will the market for start-ups to creatively meet customer demands. Start-up companies are already getting into drones as a service, allowing companies to reduce the costs and operating risks of using drones for their business. This will lead to companies having greater access to drones and will increase its applications in the future.

Another exciting application for drones which has captured media attention thanks to Facebook’s Aquila drone is using them to provide wireless internet access. This would help to provide wireless internet to the hardest to reach areas of the world and improve worldwide communication.

Drones can have a huge impact on the way your business operates and can take your business to the next level. If you’re thinking about investing in a drone for your business, or want to find out more about drones in general, make sure to check out our useful history of drones timeline. You can also browse our selection of protective drone cases, including the popular DJI Mavic drone case, to keep your business drone safe, clean and protected.

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