Which VR should I buy for PC?

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While there are so many VR headsets available, many of them are either designed for mobile or standalone use, both of which just don’t cut it when comes to the ultra-realistic experiences with PC headsets.

If you are asking yourself “what VR should I buy for PC?”, look no further! We have whittled down our favourites to three headsets. All of which have scope for everyone, from people getting into PC-VR gaming for the first time to people looking to progress into something more adept. 

Do you need a good computer for VR?

There is a reason that mobile VR headsets are drastically cheaper than their PC counterparts. They often require less processing power, meaning that the immersion is often compromised. On the other hand, PC-VR systems may be more expensive as the software running on them requires a lot of power. However, the experience often justifies a higher price tag.

While the minimum specifications will vary device-by-device, (for the least power-hungry headset) 8GB of memory, an Intel i5-4590 equivalent or greater CPU and a reasonably powerful video card should do the trick. To make things easier, you can run a VR compatibility check on your machine from Oculus and Vive.

Oculus Rift

Undoubtedly the biggest name in virtual reality, Oculus is first on our list as pioneers in the industry. Oculus has made some upgrades over the years to various models which has lead to the pretty spectacular headset – Rift.

When compared to other PC VR headsets, the Oculus Rift may have slightly inferior room scaling due to its simplistic 2 sensor system. However, periodic price drops over the years and incredible display almost cancels out this drawback. Especially due to the recent inclusion of touch controls which are arguably best in class.

The beauty with PC powered virtual reality is that games are top-notch, as games can be fueled by elite processors and graphics cards. Oculus Rift games are truly immersive and the Oculus game store has an incredible collection to choose from ranging from free games to double digits panning across various exciting genres.

HTC Vive

The HTC Vive was the original champion of PC virtual reality experiences and when it was originally released, it overshadowed its close competitor, Oculus Rift. As time has gone on, the gap between the two may have shrunk. However, it still remains a go-to for ultimate virtual reality experiences.

Vive is superior due to its intelligent room scaling technology, allowing the user to walk around the room without limits (apart from the walls obviously). Pairing this technology with a 1080p display resolution creates a truly immersive experience.

As the price of the Vive hasn’t dropped as much as the Oculus Rift over time, it’s even more important to keep your headset protected with the best VR cases or even some insurance. 

HTC Vive Pro

If you are exploring options for your next PC/VR setup and are looking to max things out, the HTC Vive Pro is next level – but so is the price. From a 78% pixel density increase (compared to the Vive) to integrated headphones and light leakage reduction, the Vive Pro challenges the industry and leaps forward with incredible content to match.

This headset may not be the cheap VR headset for PC gaming which you are after, but it may be justifiable if you are looking to take gaming experiences further, or even design your own virtual reality experiences.

If you have chosen the perfect virtual reality headset for you and you are waiting to get things up and running, check out some of the best VR games out there.

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