Whilst drones are being given a hard time…

Drone over mountains

Although drones are best known for hobby flights, or even competitive racing, these incredible gadgets are needed for a whole host of other uses. From saving lives to helping farmers with their crops, take a look at just some of the ways that people are using drones for good. Read on to find out more!

Zipline Drone
Image by Esther Mbabazi

Saving lives

One of the most positive things about drones are how they can be used to save lives. From cutting down delivery times for vital medicines and blood, to dropping life vests to those stranded at sea, drones are helping to save lives across the world. In Rwanda, blood delivery times have been cut down from 3 hours to just 15 minutes, allowing doctors to save the lives of those in need.

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Helping farmers

Drones are a key tool for many farmers nowadays, helping them to manage large areas of crops and livestock. Drone video can allow farmers to spot injured or ill animals and give them the treatment they need, as well as helping them to survey large areas of crops. Specialised drones can even monitor crop health and help to treat the crops with fertiliser or weed killer with greater accuracy.

viewing drone footage
Image by Rachel Nuwer

Protecting wildlife

Another positive effect of drones is helping to protect endangered animals from illegal poaching. In Africa, drones equipped with infrared cameras are used to patrol wildlife parks and nature reserves to spot poachers and hunters looking to target elephants and other wildlife. Park staff and security are then able to intercept the poachers before they’re able to injure any animals, helping to protect lots of rare wildlife.

Facebook Aquila drone
Image by Facebook

Bringing wifi to remote areas

Tech companies such as Facebook and Google are using giant, solar-powered drones to bring wifi connectivity to some of the most remote parts of the world. Facebook estimates that “about 1.6 billion people live in areas that don’t offer mobile broadband”, and are hoping to use their Aquila drones to help connect these people to the rest of the world.

Not only will this help to connect people to the internet, but the same technology can be used in disaster zones to help individuals and emergency services to coordinate relief response.

Police drone
Image by John Giles/PA

Fighting crime

Police forces around the world are now using drones to help them fight crime. Drones can be used to search for missing people, monitor crowds at events and follow suspects during police chases. This helps to provide police with an extra set of eyes and prevent crime from occurring.

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