Why Buy a Peli?

Why buy a Peli?

The Peli brand is renowned for its protective cases. Peli cases have remained a firm favourite across many different industries for over forty years, from Photography and Broadcasting, to Military and Defence.

So rugged are these cases, that each one comes with Peli’s legendary Lifetime Guarantee… but what makes these cases so much more trusted compared to other brands? Read on to find out more.


Lifetime Guarantee

Peli are that confident about the strength and reliability of their cases, that they cover all of their cases with their famous “you break it, we replace it. Forever.” guarantee. So if you’ve used your super strength to somehow break your case, or if there is a fault, Peli will repair or replace it for free, for life.

Some companies who claim to offer a lifetime guarantee can make it exceedingly difficult for customers to exercise, but Peli prefer to keep it simple, which speaks volumes.

Truly Waterproof & Crushproof

When choosing a case to protect your valuable items, it’s pretty important to make sure the case is waterproof.

Many cases claim similar levels of protection, but none of them have been as vigorously tested by the amount of customers and industries as Peli. It’s this fact, along with the unparalleled lifetime guarantee, which have maintained the Peli range as the go to brand of photographers, sound techs, soldiers, film makers, engineers, and all in between.

Peli cases are fitted out with an o-ring seal to keep them watertight, enabling them to be immersed in water of up to 1 metre for 30 minutes. So even if your case happens to end up in icy water, rest assured, your gear will remain safe and dry.

Not only are Peli cases waterproof, they’ve also gone through vibration, dry heat, low temperature, and vertical impact testing to achieve Military and NATO standards.

What are the different types of cases?

Peli Protector

Protector cases are Peli’s Flagship range, known and loved by many, across a wide range of industries, with hundreds of thousands of cases from the range being used in the UK today.

Certified waterproof, crushproof and dustproof, Peli protector cases offer unbeatable durability and ruggedness, second to none.

The 1510 Protector, perfectly sized for airline carry-on, is the Nation’s sweetheart, flying off the shelves as the Protector range bestseller, year after year.

Swimming with a Peli 1510 Case

Peli Storm

The Peli Storm range and the Peli Protector range are often confused, but there are differences!

The Storm range is the lighter option, made from HPX resin. Although the construction of this material makes easier to mark than a Protector case, this doesn’t have any impact on protection, hence why they are also covered under Peli’s Lifetime Guarantee.

Another difference, preferential for many, are the latches. Simply push the button and lift the latch! Be aware however, that the latches and wheels on a Peli Storm case contain alloy pins as opposed to stainless steel in the Protector range, so be careful around saltwater!

Bear with a Peli Storm Case

Peli Air

Peli Air cases are the lightweight counterpart of the classic protector case range. Moulded from lightweight resin with honeycomb structure, these cases pack as much punch as the protector range in terms of protection, but for upto 40% less of the weight!

The 1535 Air case is fast becoming a new favourite, particularly within the photography industry, winning both the Photography News and Pro Moviemaker Gear of the Year Awards 2017 for the category Best Roller/Hard Case.

Peli 1510 Case with Trekpak
Image © Paul John Bayfield

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