Why wellness companies should be considering VR

Why wellness companies should be considering VR

VR within the health industry is becoming increasingly popular, and many wellness companies are getting in on the action, similarly to what we have previously seen within the sports industry.

Virtual reality has also been helping those suffering from a wide range of fears and mental health problems, including those struggling with paranoia and anxiety. From mindfulness to stress reduction, discover why your wellness company should consider getting involved with VR – and how exactly you can go about it.

1. VR therapy: supporting mental health and phobias

Researchers are testing the capabilities of VR as a therapeutic technology. Where previous therapy techniques have failed, or have perhaps taken much longer to achieve, it is thought that VR can step in and really make a difference. In Amsterdam, clinical psychologist, Roos Pot-Kolder, has been developing real-life situations, using VR, to help patients overcome situations they are afraid of or are anxious about.

A patient’s fight or flight response is still active during a virtual session, which is why this form of therapy is proving so effective for many. They are able to conquer their fears, in an environment that feels very real, but is much more controlled and safe. After such successful studies, therapists across the world are starting to incorporate VR therapy into their sessions – and you could too!

2. VR can help you practice meditation

Virtual reality relaxation and meditation have also been at the forefront of the wellness industry thanks to the Guided Meditation VR app. The app transports users to one of 30 desired exotic locations around the world, from sandy shores and blue oceans to a tranquil peace garden.

Companies like Guided VR are paving the way for other brands within the wellness industry, by selling packages to employers and HR departments. This is a great way for any employer to get involved, whether in the wellness industry or not, in order to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.

3. Helping with pain management

Studies have shown that VR can even help to relieve pain, which is great news for physiotherapists and doctors! The somatosensory cortex and the insula parts of the brain are often associated with pain, but virtual reality can actually make these parts of the brain less active – thus reducing any pain you may have. A small investment in VR could go a long way for those involved with pain management, such as physiotherapists.

4. Cognitive rehabilitation

Those suffering from serious brain injuries, as a result of an illness or trauma, can sometimes struggle with tasks like shopping or gardening. Recreating such environments within a virtual world can help these people safely practice such tasks while speeding up their recovery. If you own a wellness brand that helps people recover from such injuries, it might be time to invest in a VR device.

5. Training nurses and doctors

One of the key benefits of virtual reality is being able to practice real-life situations but in a safe and controlled manner – this is why doctors and nurses have been using VR to train for procedures. With the NHS recently investing in virtual reality for training and treatments, it’s expected other companies within the industry will soon follow suit.

How you can get involved

If you’re a brand within the wellness and health industry, you’ll no doubt want to get involved with VR technology. To get started, you’ll first need to invest in a VR device, with popular choices being the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Don’t forget to take a look at our guide to introducing VR to your business. If your business has already invested in VR, then it’s time to start exploring apps that could benefit your business – such as those mentioned in this article!

If you take care of your VR device, it will take care of you and your business! Take a look at our waterproof and dustproof VR cases to ensure your kit is protected from any harm.

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